Smart DIY Project: Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation requires a lot of energy and efforts. Most people is referring this process as complicated and dangerous. Part of it is true, but it does not mean that amateurs will never be able to install their own garage door. By knowing several principals of garage door installation, the process will be DIY possible.

Consider the Cost Before Installing The Garage Door

Just for your information, installing garage door means putting everything related to it into the system. This process does not end only with purchasing the door.

  1. Installing electrical system

The modern garage door require circuitry in the system. Therefore, you need to consider the cost for cables, light bulb, extending the electricity to the garage, etc.

  1. Removing the old door

The garage door will work well for minimum 5 until 10 years. Then, you need to replace the old door with the new one. Old door here means the door and the whole door lifting system.  If you are lucky, you will replace only some parts. Though uninstalling the door seems easy, it may cost more. The old screw hole on the wall is different to the new setting. So, making new holes and cover the old one is the only option.

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  1. Installing the door

This process begins after the garage is ready. If the new door does not fit to the available space, then you need to make the space bigger or smaller.


Choose the Types of Garage Doors

Different garage door types need different preparation and installation tips. Later after the installation, the maintenance process also depends on the garage’s operation structure.

  1. Swing up

This is a one piece door. It works by lifting the door from the floor to the ceiling. Then the door will take the space on the ceiling. It fits perfectly to those who live in the urban area and owns a city car.

  1. Swing Out

The garage door is similar to your front door. Two doors should be pushed from the inside to open. This type helps the house owner to secure spaces on the ceiling. It is also great for the jeep that has luggage box on the top.

  1. Roll Up

The roll up system allow the sections to fold neatly near the ceiling just above the door. It could be controlled by using remote control, too.

  1. Sliding

There will be two doors sliding on the path at the top of garage opening. Though it look stylish, the sliding part is prone to rust and seizing.

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Install the Garage Door Yourself

Open the garage door box and unload the parts inside. The simple indication for successful installation project: all the parts are installed.  None of the thing leaves behind.

  1. Hinges and handle

Before attaching any hinges, measure the garage first. Start with the height of the door opening and also the height. Above the door you should have 10-12 inches more space. As for the room length (from the door to the back side of the garage room), there should be 18 inches extra. After that, try to put the stops on both sides of the door to make sure they fit (not too short or too long) on the jamb. Then attach the hinges and handle to their place following the manufacture instruction.

  1. The bottom piece and rollers

Take the bottom piece and attach them on the hinges. Tap nails halfway to attach the piece and hinges on the jamb and make it slant just to hold the piece on its place. After that install the rollers as well as the bracket. When it is steady, insert the vertical track to the first section. For the second piece, put the hinges, attach them temporarily, then slip the roller. Repeat this step for all sections.

  1. The panels and the track

Assemble the door rail following the manufacturer instruction. After that, put it aside. Fasten the temporarily attached nails on the jamb. If you like thing manual, you can use screwdriver. To finish the job fast and efficiently, choose power drills with screwdriver or nut tip.

  1. The springs

Now it is time to install the horizontal and vertical tracks. For swing up style, you may need level hanging from the ceiling. During this process, it is important to make sure that the doors are straight and have 90o degree angle. Lift the door about half length to check whether it is parallel.  The last step is to install the spring, based on the manual instruction.

Doing garage door installation by yourself is challenging. This is not about the hard part, but about assembling a lot of pieces in its place so it could work properly. Once you understand the basic steps of the process, the project will be much easier. You do not have to be afraid to handle by yourself the garage door installation.



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