Choosing Right Garage Door Sizes for Your House

Choosing garage door sizes will be an easy but complicated business. It is important to choose right sizes which will fit to your door whether its type, size, materials and color. What size will fit best for your house? Here are some reviews for you:

How to Measure a Garage Door

To measure a garage door is very simple. A tape measure is all you need for measuring your garage. In this case, height of your door is the first one you need to measure. After measuring its height, do not forget to write it down on a piece of paper. Second, measure its length and its width and note it down as well. Measuring twice is okay in this case since it will be good to know whether you are making mistake or not. After knowing your garage overall dimensions, you will be able to figure out what you need. A bigger or smaller size door might be needed after this measurement.

Another good way to get a suitable and fit size is by researching or observing others’ garage doors. By doing this, a garage door which looks perfect for your need can be found and you can get many recommendations as well. Choosing a right one will definitely enhance your home look and décor.

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Choosing the Right Size for Residential Use

The normal size of a garage door is 8 x 7 feet, 9 x 7 feet and 10 x 7 feet. it has only one door which will be good to accommodate on any residential use. An SUV, normal car, van even a small truck can be parked inside this door. However, if you have more than one vehicle or a larger vehicle to be parked inside you need to consider bigger door dimension.

For those who have more than a vehicle or a bigger vehicle, a double garage door measures 12 x 7 feet, 14 x 7 feet and 16 x 7 feet dimension is highly recommended. How about those who have an RV which is really big? Owners need to install 16’ x 8’ x 9’ ceiling.

Considering those things, telling your plan about your car or your future car to your architect is also a good idea.  Your architect can manage a garage size which can accommodate your cars to be parked inside but it still has space for other things.

One more thing needs to be considered is your garage length. It is better to build quite long garage which can fit for your car or even your cars. Make sure also that your garage can keep not only cars but also your things.

Choosing Right Garage Door for Commercial or Business Use

Choosing garage door for commercial use is a different business. In this case, owners need to really consider the garage size, especially its length. Owners need to consider vehicles sizes and how many vehicles which will be used for delivering your business goods. The more trucks you have, the bigger and longer garage doors you need. To get a fit one, it is good to measure know the biggest trucks dimension so owners need not to be worried that the car won’t fir.

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Garage Doors Materials

Material of your garage door is also needed to be considered seriously. There are numerous choices you can choose such as natural wood, steel, faux wood and combination of aluminum and glass.

  • Natural woods materials will give your house a classic and elegant look. However, it needs more attention to make it last longer. It might be good to be applied in a minimalist house since its simplicity is its biggest strength to be offered.
  • For those who has minimum budget, faux wood materials might be a good cent to your home as real woods. It might not last longer than original one, however it is cheaper for a low budget consumer’s need. It is also easier to be maintained.
  • If woods or faux woods are still not meeting your need or preference, you might try a combination of aluminum and glass materials door. It offers something different from the previous materials. It offers cool design which blend very well on its solid look. It also offers better endurance compared to previous materials if maintained well. Its price is actually around woods materials

All of those materials are good. It depends on your need and your time to maintain it. Remember that business use garage doors need different treatment and consideration for common residential use.


Maintenance and Repair for Garage Door

No matter what materials garage doors made from, they need to be inspected annually. Asking for your distributor to do thorough evaluation once a year is a good way to avoid a fatal damage. Calling a professional technician to inspect your garage door will allow you to have full report on your door condition and future consideration for any repair.

However, repairing garage doors is a different thing. It needs more inspection to know which part that is broken or does not work well. It is highly suggested that you call a professional technician even you believe you can do it by yourselves. In fact, it is a complex things to do. A professional one will be able to repair any damages such as bent door wheel track, obstructed door sensor, springs problems and any other damages which will be dangerous to be done by yourselves.

Applying a garage door means owners need to consider many things. Garage door sizes and materials are some important things you need to consider most!


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