Five Reasons to Choose Genie Garage Door Opener

Genie garage door opener provides the best option for those who need the top quality garage door parts. It belongs to the top ten brands, and plan to continuously satisfy the costumers. There are various options for different house needs. As many residents need different kinds of house installments, Genie brings practical equipments with reasonable price.

A lot of manufacturers are ready to help customers with the house appliances. The problem is to choose the certified manufacturer that could satisfy costumers’ request. As the equipment is so important, they only want the items of best quality. Genie is surely on the list of these top manufacturers for the years of experiences. When you plan to repair your garage door, these qualities should define the result.

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Clear Product Description

The costumers know what item they want. Unfortunately, they do not know the specification of the product. For instance, what should be considered when choosing garage opener. In the website, costumers could get the detailed information about the items. Even when there is any professional terms in it, the website provides simple explanation of the terms either next to the sentence or on the bottom page. The item description mentions only the important consideration of the specified product. This way, the costumers could fully understand and consider which product that meet the expectation or need. When costumers visit the store, the staff would be glad to show the product range and explain each one until the right item is selected. Genie also has good reputation because of its standardized information explanation. Whether the costumer calls, visits the store or website, the information is exactly the same.

Put User-Friendly Installation Instruction

The cost of product installation is sometimes higher than the price of the item itself. Therefore, people start to consider the Do It Yourself (DIY) method to install all the items in the house. Without proper introduction about the things to do and not to do, the costumers are more likely to hurt themselves during the process. To prevent any installation accident, Genie makes simple instructions for the buyers. The instructions could be found on the website. The costumers could download the step by step process and install the item. If reading is quite bothering, then try to see the interactive video. Seeing the video should be much easier as the costumers could see the entire process in motion pictures. These videos are also available on the website. Just click the link and pause it to start following the process.

Sell Highly Effective Item

To make it brief, the costumers want to buy an item that satisfy or even exceed their expectation. Genie does this to most of its customers. In the item details, there is certain label with “Genie” in it, for example, Genie Intellicode. This system is found in all garage opener items. It works exceptionally well compared to the other brands. Garage is the big door thieves could access to get into your house. The method is simple and sadly, easy to learn and apply in almost all garage door. When the garage door is opened, there will be certain radio signal sent by the remote to the locking system. This signal could be recorded by the thieves by using specific tool. Next time the house is empty, the recorded signal could function as the garage remote. This kind of trick does not work if the costumer choose Genie product. Genie Intellicode will change the code every time the remote is used. There are approximately 2000 codes for a single remote. The thieves should wait a little longer if they want to rob the house.

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Include Danger Prevention in The Products

In most of its sold items, this manufacturer put safety and energy saving care inside. Only for the costumers, more attention should be put, as well as keeping the quality and the function. It applies for the door opener as well. There are two technologies called Safe T-Beam and Energy Backup System. The first feature offers more safety. It will stop the door to close when the system identifies any obstruction in the path. Especially for the family with kids, this feature is essential and helpful. The second option helps to safe energy to be used when there is no electricity power. This is the system that will allow the house owners to be able to open the garage door in without power.

Follow The Updated Technology

The research about house appliances is continuing. Thus, the upgraded features are always there. To keep up with the new technology, Genie manufacturer always add more items and features. One is expected to exceed the previous one. The latest samples are motion detector light and Aladdin system. The first one is dealing with how the light bulb could detect movement in the garage. For most products, the new feature could be found. Some others still do not have it, with consideration of the whole system of the product itself. The second update is related to the popular door locking system. The garage door opener should be compatible with this system too. Therefore, all products are able to work together with this product. Even in some systems, the Aladdin feature is included in the system.

DC motor is the favorite choice for many houses in residents. It could support three different system of garage opener: chain, belt, and screw drive. However, each system calls for alternate product to maximize the performance. To own the top quality garage opener parts based on costumer’s need, choose genie garage door opener.

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