Inspirational Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Have you ever heard of Liftmaster Garage Door Opener? This brand is well-known and only produces the best quality of garage door opener that made in Elmhurst, Illinois. The products have excellent performance and amazing features, not to mention that the warranty is really long. These are several reasons why you want it on your garage repair project.

For Professionals Only

Warning! This brand is only for professional installer. Do not attempt to install it by yourself if you are inexperienced in installing garage openers. If there is malfunctioning when installing then it will be your responsibility.

For professional installers, they should have known that there are many parts need to be installed before installing the openers. Trying to do it by yourself while you are still inexperienced in doing DIYs will be rather difficult. Also, it may cause you injury and malfunction to the opener mechanism. It would be more expensive to call professional, but it is worth the shot.

Masterlift Garage Door Opener Perfect On Liftmaster Garage Door throughout Inspirational Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Specification Based on Need

Liftmaster is a big company from Illinois, known for its capability and its incredible performance in producing such masterpiece. This company offers three specifications based on the need of the clients. The first one is they who want to have the best quality garage door opener installed on their house. Driving all day would be tiring, especially if it’s after work driving. That would be exhausting. What would they want is a simple and easy garage door opener that can open the garage door for them by a single click. The second specification is for clients who would like to have maximum security for their business. Liftmaster also provides Slide Gate products that offer safety to the residents of a business facility like a factory or a bank. Imagine that you can open your slide gate by a single click instead of pushing it; it may save the time and energy at the same time, yet keep the business running. The third specification is for architects. Liftmaster is an official AIA (The American Institute of Architects) presenter; it provides blueprints and other documentation for architects.

Advanced Features

As mentioned before, Liftmaster’s products have excellent performance and amazing features. The first feature is MyQTM Technology which let you monitor and control the garage door opener by using your tab, smartphone, or computer. And its next feature is that the new garage door openers are using belt to lift the door instead of using chain. Why is it? It is because there will be no more grinding noise made by the chain. The sound will be no more because the belt makes no sound while lifting the garage door. And then, it also has a really durable and also really powerful motor called P3 MotorTM. This motor is used for lifting heavy doors such as metal doors or wood doors. It can also be used to lift large doors. This motor is surely powerful yet it is also lifts the doors safely and quickly.

Next, every single one of garage door openers produced by Liftmaster includes battery backup that can be rechargeable. These batteries make the garage door openers still operating even in power outage condition. Another feature Liftmaster put on its newest products is Built-In-Security+2.0 Radio Receiver. This is an advanced technology in security. This feature enhanced the frequency of radio receiver sent from the remote to the opener and also improving the frequency range and reduce interference from other frequency, making the garage door opener surely reliable to open, close or even stop. All of the products of Liftmaster garage door opener also have timer installed in it, for further safety. This feature works by closing the garage door automatically as soon as the car leaves the house/building. Last, every products of Liftmaster always have maintenance routines reminder system. With this user will not forget when to have his/her garage door opener maintenance.

Liftmaster also offers the accessories of the garage door openers such as wireless keyless entry system, remote controls, control panels, gate operator accessories, and access control system accessories. These products have various designs and prices. These accessories are sold separately from the garage door openers.

Liftmaster 1/2 Hp Garage Door Opener regarding Inspirational Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Longer Warranty

While other garage door openers might have long warranty for their products, Liftmaster offers longer warranty. Some products have 3 up to 10 years of warranty, yet they claim to have the best quality. Liftmaster offers 50 years of warranty which means Liftmaster has confidence in promoting their products to be the best quality that it will hold on for 50 years.

Liftmaster is surely the best factory in producing advanced garage door openers. Not only it has advanced technology but also long warranty. For you who would like to install your own garage door opener, it is recommended that you should purchase and install Liftmaster Garage Door Opener.

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