A Small Guide on How to Repair Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors have been the most popular options even though the steel one is often recommended to be more cost-effective. It is known to be strong and its beauty is probably the most attractive point that affects house owner’s decision the most. This door tends to get rotten after years though and replacing the similar one can cost a real fortune. So, if you need suggestions on repairing your wooden garage doors, read this guide below.

Wood Doors Characteristics

Despite the facts that these doors look amazing and you can order a customized model, several disadvantages of the door create significant problems as well. First, wood tends to swell and warp on very wet or very hot climate. It keeps the extreme air out so your house will be nice inside still, but it takes the whole exposure on it. It stands just fine on normal climate though. In addition to it, if the air in your environment has salt in it, your wood door will get easily damaged. There is a new technology to solve this but it is still a significant expense to make.

Second, this door tends to have insulation issues. Many people want this door with the thought that it also delivers natural insulation as well. This can be a consideration since insulation fixing isn’t cheap especially for wooden doors.

Third, wooden door tend to sag if it doesn’t get enough maintenance overtime. You have sagging problem when you notice gaps on the ends of the door while closing it. Meanwhile, the door sections also tend to be damaged by the auto opener. Without immediate fixing, you will end up needing a new replacement for the door.

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Suggested Repair Method

While this door isn’t recommended for extreme climate, several repair methods are worth to try. Check out the following suggestions.

  1. Apply extra layers of protection stain for the doors. It may not prevent the entire risks, but it should give longer life for the door. Make sure to apply the stain on the entire surface because a small damage on an area can cause further problem on the other areas.
  2. Hire a professional to work on your insulation. Many more modern technologies with low energy consumption can be used to fix the insulation problem.
  3. Especially for gapping issue, there is almost no other solution but to replace the door. Make sure that your auto opener works well and perfect to prevent further damage until you can replace them.

Other Essential Maintenance

Repairing the doors can possibly extend the usage or life. However, preventing problems and damages is always preferable. There are several maintenance options that can be done to keep the wood door quality and condition.

  1. Refinish the door

These doors are actually delivered in a stained or painted condition. Over time, this finish will break down, and there is no more protection layer on the door. It is what causes the wood to rot. With this door is continuously exposed to UV light as well, this finish will fade or discolour over time. Most of the time, it is the beginning of certain damage like wicked up moisture from the bottom part, many holes on the door, and cracked wood. Periodically refinish the door will prevent these problems. Use extra coating for protection and to prevent damage in a short time.

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  1. Add or install new rubber bottom

Rubber bottom is highly suggested for actually all types of garage doors. It works miraculously on uneven ground while it also serves other functions as well. Most garage doors have gaps on the bottom, and this rubber bottom will prevent dust to get into the garage while it prevents the door to touch wet ground during the rainy day. It prevents damage caused by force on the bottom side as well.

  1. Regular cleaning and checking

Just like wooden furniture, your wooden garage doors will need regular cleaning. Cleaning will remove dust and stain that will cause serious damage over time. It also removes water or other elements from the door, which will potentially extend the usage of this door. In addition to it, regular checking will make sure you catch even the smallest damage and repair it immediately. This is what stops further complication on the door.

  1. Apply lubricant

Applying special lubricant on the door hardware can be very helpful in preventing problems and damages. There are several parts that make the most important areas for the lubricant. It includes bottom corners lift cables, torsion springs, sheave bearings, rollers, and door hinges. Except for nylon rollers, almost all door hardware will work well with a light household oil.


It is essential to note that repairing these doors are maybe temporary solution on certain degree of damage. You are highly recommended to replace the wood garage doors in the end, but a good repair should hold the timing for a while. Good luck!


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